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Get an answer for 'Write paragraph on the topic "An active student and a passive student"? comparison and contrast paragraph.' and find homework help for other Essay Lab questions at eNotes Passive and Active Students Free Essays - PhDessay.com There are two different types of students, passive and active. Attitude, the amount of energy you put into your classes, and the quality of work determines the type of student you are going to be. Attitude is the first element that determines the quality of a student. A passive student is almost always negative. An Active Student vs Passive Student | StudyHippo.com

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The passive student and the active student Essay. People go to school or colleges for the sake of education and the sake of their future life, and to be a good citizen too but sometimes what people do is different from what they thought before. Active vs Passive Students Essay - Free Papers and Essays Even though the passive student is the complete opposite of an active student, I’m sure both of them would enjoy relaxing once in a while. Active students and passive students may be completely different from each other; however, they both are students and they equally know that their future is brighter with at least a high school diploma. An Active and a Passive Student - Essay Example Comparison essay: An active student and a passive student Students can be broadly classified into two main types; active students and passive students. They exhibit different kinds of behaviors in the class and have different approaches towards studies and learning. Class E-English Department: Active students vs passive May 27, 2016 · ACTIVE STUDENTS VS PASSIVE STUDENTS In a class there are two kind of students, the first is the active one and the last is the passive students. Being an active and a passive students have their own effect for the mark and the social feeling of the students. Actually be a passive student …

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3 Ways to Fix Passive Voice - wikiHow Note the difference between active voice and passive voice. With the active voice, the subject of the sentence is doing the action. The subject usually appears before the action in the sentence. This creates sentences that are clear, concise, and direct. You should use active voice whenever because it will make your writing seem more purposeful. Free euthanasia Essays and Papers - 123helpme.com This essay will delve into the two primary types of euthanasia (active and passive), the ethical issues rose by each type, and the laws about euthanasia in the state of Arizona. The consideration of legal euthanasia and assisted suicide has numerous proponents and antagonist that belief that it is the ultimate form of relief to those who are ... Active Learning | Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning

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What does research say about active learning? This instructional approach affords little opportunity for students to engage in the types of active processing required to create enduring and transferable knowledge. In addition, surveys of college student behaviors reveal an overwhelming reliance on passive learning strategies during study (Karpicke et al. 475). Passive voice: A Deadly Sin of Essay Writing - A Students ... Active voice helps to create clear, concise, and direct sentences. It eliminates doubt within your writing and forces you to use verbs, adding character and strength to your writing. Sometimes passive voice can create awkward sentences. Also, the overuse of passive voice throughout an essay can result in it reading as flat and uninteresting. ***

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Best Answer: An active student does their own homework in a timely fashion so that they hand it in by the due date and get a good grade. A passive student spends hours screwing around on Facebook and Yahoo Answers and then, at the very last minute, asks people to PLEASE "do my assignment for me" disguised as asking for an "opinion". Essay Writing: A student essay - Unilearning Website A student essay. Essay question:Is there a difference between active and passive euthanasia?Discuss. 1 It is often argued that doctors are justified in allowing their patients to die by withdrawing or withholding treatment, but are not justified in killing them. Active Versus Passive Learning - New York essay Most students these days just think they have to go to class, pay attention, write some notes and they will do fine. That may be true for some people but if they were to use a more active learning approach instead of passive, they could do even better.